Audio Sermons

2/18/2018—“Unstuck: Breaking Rules and Finding Life”—John 5:1-18 & Psalm  104:27-30—Rev. Karlene Clark

2/11/2018—“Scandal at the Well”—John 4:1-42—Rev. Karlene Clark

1/28/2018—“Nicodemus and His Little Secret”—John 3:1-21 & Psalm 139:13-18—Rev. Josh Clark

1/21/2018—“Good Anger”—John 2:25-11 & Psalm 127:1-2—Rev. Karlene Clark

1/14/2018—“Water, Wine, a Sign and Wonder”—John 2:1-11 & Psalm 104:14-16—Rev. Karlene Clark

1/7/2018—“Come and See!”—John 1:35-51 & Psalm 65:1-5—Rev. Karlene Clark

12/31/2017—“Who Are You?”—John 1:19-34 & Psalm 32:1-2—Rev. Karlene Clark

12/17/2017—“Joy Returning”—Isaiah 55:1-3 & John 4:13-14—Rev. Karlene Clark

12/10/2017—“Peace in the Valley”—Ezekiel 37:1-14 & John 11:25-26—Rev. Karlene Clark

12/3/2017—“Hope on Fire”—Daniel 3:1, 8-14, 16-28—Rev. Karlene Clark

11/26/2017—“The Good Life: Death”—1 Thessalonians 4:13-14; Psalm 23:1-6 & Psalm 90:12—Rev. Josh Clark

11/19/2017—“The Good Life: Growing Deep”—2 Corinthians 4:7-12 & Matthew 16:24-26—Rev. Karlene Clark

11/12/2017—“The Good Life: Growing Up”—1 Corinthians 13:11-12 & Luke 2:41-52—Rev. Karlene Clark

11/5/2017—“The Good Life: Love”—1 John 4:7-12, 16b-19 & 1 Corinthians 13:1-8a,13—Rev. Josh Clark

10/22/2017—“The Good Life: Money”—1 Timothy 6:6-10 & Matthew 6:19-21—Rev. Karlene Clark

10/15/2017—“The Good Life: Play Your Best”—Psalm 33:1-9, 20-22 & Luke 7:18b-35—Rev. Roberta Egli

10/8/2017—“The Good Life: Work”—Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, 13; Genesis 2:15 & John 13:34-35—Rev. Karlene Clark

10/1/2017—“A Year to Celebrate Community”—Acts 2:43-47 & John 13:34-35—Rev. Karlene Clark

9/24/2017—“Seek God Always”—Matthew 6:31-33 & Psalm 63:1-8—Rev. Karlene Clark

9/10/2017—“Seek God in Disruption”—Jeremiah 29:4-14 & Matthew 7:7-11—Rev. Karlene Clark

9/3/2017—Congregational Choice:  “We are Many; We are One”—Psalm 103:1-12 & 1 Cor. 12:12-26—Rev. Karlene Clark

8/20/2017—Congregational Choice:  “Children Have Something to Teach U”—Matthew 18:1-4 & 20:20-28—Tim Olguin

8/13/2017—Congregational Choice:  “God’s Sovereignty vs. Human Will: Paradox of Spiritual Proportions”—Rev. 3:15-20 & 2 Cor. 1:3-11—Rev. Karlene Clark

8/6/2017—Congregational Choice:  “The Scapegoat and the Lamb of God”—Lev. 16:5-10, 20-22; 2 Cor. 5:16-21; John 1:29—Rev. Karlene Clark

7/23/2017—Congregational Choice:  “Guilt vs. Grace”—Psalm 103:1-14 & 2 Cor. 3:4-11; 17-18—Rev. Karlene Clark

7/16/2017—Congregational Choice:  “Church & Race: How to be Woke”—John 3:1-8 & Luke 10:25-37—Rev. Josh Clark

7/9/2017—Congregational Choice:  “Homosexuality and the Scriptures”—Matthew 22:34-40 & 1 Corinthians 13:4-13—Rev. Karlene Clark

7/2/2017—Congregational Choice:  “The Rape of Tamar”—2 Samuel 13:1-22—Rev. Karlene Clark

6/25/2017—Congregational Choice:  “Queen of Sheba”—1 Kings 10:1-10; 11:1-6—Rev. Karlene Clark

6/18/2017—Congregational Choice:  “Money Matters”—Deut. 26:1-11 & 2 Cor. 8:8-15—Rev. Dr. Gary Powell

6/11/2017—Congregational Choice:  “Why are Christians so Judgy?”—Luke 6:37-42—Rev. Karlene Clark

6/4/2017 {Pentecost}— “Amazed & Perplexed”—Acts 2:1-21—Rev. Karlene Clark

5/21/2017— “Easter is for Everyone, Part 2″—Acts 15:1-18—Rev. Josh Clark

4/30/2017— Inside Out Sunday Homily—Acts 6:1-7—Catricia Mayhue

4/23/2017— “Journeying to Emmaus”—Luke 24:13-35—Anna Eckelbarger Salas

Reflection Question: How can you better notice God’s presence in your life when you feel distracted?

4/16/2017— “You’re Invited to Resurrection”—John 20:1-18—Rev. Karlene Clark

4/9/2017— “You’re Invited to Follow”—Matthew 21:1-11 & Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29—Rev. Karlene Clark

Breath Prayer for the Sixth Week of Lent: “Hosanna! Come Lord jesus, and reign in us.”

4/2/2017— “You’re Invited to Live”—John 11:1-45—Rev. Karlene Clark

Breath Prayer for the Fifth Week of Lent: “Resurrect what is dead in me, that I may live for you.”

3/26/2017— “You’re Invited to See”—John 9:1-41—Rev. Karlene Clark

Breath Prayer for the Fourth Week of Lent: “Open my eyes, that I may see your healing presence.”

3/19/2017— “You’re Invited to Refresh”—John 4:5-42—Rev. Josh Clark

Breath Prayer for the Third Week of Lent: “Fill me with living water, that I may be refreshed.”

3/12/2017— “You’re Invited to Begin Again”—Genesis 12:1-4 & John 3:1-17—Rev. Karlene Clark

Breath Prayer for the Second Week of Lent: “Humble me, that I may be born anew.”

3/5/2017— “Up to the Mountain?”—Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7 & Matthew 4:1-11—Rev. Karlene Clark

Breath Prayer for the First Week of Lent: “Lord, help me resist evil, that your Kingdom may come.”

2/26/2017— “You’re Invited to Resist”—Exodus 24:12-18 & Matthew 17:1-9—Pastor Josh Clark

Reflection Question: Where have you experienced “holy moments” in times of worship?

2/19/2017— “Where is the Love?”—Psalm 199:33-40 & Matthew 5:38-40—Anna Eckelbarger Salas

Reflection Question: How can you love those you disagree with?

2/12/2017— “The Fork in the Road”—Psalm 199:1-10 & Deut. 30:15-20—Rev. Karlene Clark

Reflection Question: When has a decision changed the trajectory of your life? What choice are you facing now that could shift your direction?

2/5/2017— “Worship that Changes the World”—Matthew 5:13-20 & Isaiah 58:1-12—Rev. Karlene Clark

Reflection Question: How does Isaiah 58 encourage you in your faith? How does this scripture compel you to act this week?

1/22/2017— “Love Decisions”—Matthew 4:12-23 & Isaiah 9:1-7—Rev. Josh Clark

Reflection Question: What does it mean for you to be a disciple called by love?

1/17/2017— “Seeking the Light”—Psalm 29 & Isaiah 42:1-9—Rev. Karlene Clark

Reflection Question: What New thing is god declaring to you? How are you called to seek and to shine the light of Christ?

1/1/2017— “I Just Want To Be A Wise Man Too”—Matthew 2:1-12 & Isaiah 60:1-6—Catricia Mayhue

12/18/2016— “Longing for Emmanuel”—Matthew 1:18-25 & Isaiah 7:10-16—Rev. Karlene Clark
Reflection Question: Where is the world longing for God’s presence? Where do you long to experience ‘God with us’?

12/11/2016— “Longing for Home”—Luke 1:47-55 & Isaiah 35:1-10—Rev. Josh Clark
Reflection Question: What seeds of joy do you need to plant in order for the desert to bloom?

12/4/2016— “Longing for Peace”—Psalm 72:1-7; 18-19 & Isaiah 11:1-10—Rev. Karlene Clark
Reflection Question: When have you experienced unreasonable peace? Where do you long for peace today?

11/27/2016— “Longing to Learn”—Psalm 122 & Isaiah 2:1-5—Rev. Karlene Clark
Reflection Question: How teachable are you? What do you need to learn in order to walk in the light of the Lord?

11/20/2016— “Seeking God in the Darkest Moments”—Colossians 1:11-20 & Luke 23:33-43
—Rev. Josh Clark
Reflection Question: To whom are you called to to forgive and have empathy?

11/13/2016— “The Opportunity of Dark Times”—Psalm 118:1-9; 21-29 & Luke 21:5-19
—Rev. Karlene Clark
Reflection Question: What are you afraid of in these hard times?
What will you do to nurture the growth of love that is more powerful than fear?

11/6/2016— “Questions of Resurrection”—Psalm 145:1-5; 17-21 & Luke 20:27-40
—Rev. Karlene Clark
Reflection Question: How much hope does the promise of resurrection give you? Why or why not?

10/23/2016— “Seek God with Unrelenting Humility”—Psalm 65:1-8 & Luke 18:9-14
—Rev. Josh Clark
Reflection Question: What are the parts of my life I want to control, rather than release to God’s care?

10/16/2016— “Seeking God with Tenacious Prayer”—Psalm 19 & Luke 18:1-18—Rev. Karlene Clark
Reflection Question: For what do you feel compelled to pray for with tenacity this week?

10/9/2016— “A Year to Seek God!”—Matthew 7:7-11 & Jeremiah 29:4-14—Rev. Karlene Clark

10/2/2016— “Christian Response to a Violent World”—Matthew 5:38-48—Rev. Karlene Clark

9/25/2016— “Community and Codependency: Love with Boundaries”—Matthew 5:33-37 & Galatians 6:2-5—Rev. Karlene Clark

9/18/2016— “Women in the Church (and Other Stuff We Still Have to Talk About in 2016)”
—1 Timothy 2:8-15 & Galatians 3:26-28—Rev. Karlene Clark

9/11/2016— “Does Everything Happen For a Reason”—2 Corinthians 1:3-11—Rev. Karlene Clark

9/4/2016— “The Hand of God”—Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18; Jeremiah 19:1-11—Rev. Gary Powell

8/28/2016— “Blessings in the Bad Things”—James 1:2-4; 2 Cor. 8-10; Luke 22:39-46; Matt. 16:24-26
—Rev. Josh Clark

8/21/2016— “Good Friends in Hard Times”—Job 3:1-26—Rev. Josh Clark

8/7/2016— “What Happens When We Eat Together”—Matt. 9:9-13 & Gal. 2:11-14—Rev. Karlene Clark

7/26/2016— “On Sin”—Romans 6:15-23—Rev. Karlene Clark

7/17/2016— “On Forgiveness”—Colossians 3:12-17—Rev. Karlene Clark

7/10/2016— “Esther: Reversing Expectations” —Esther 3:8-11 & 4:1-16—Anna Eckelbarger Salas

7/3/2016— “Worry, Survival, and the Paradox of Priorities” —Matthew 6:25-33—Rev. Karlene Clark

6/26/2016— “Making Home in Christ’s Love” —John 15:1-17—Rev. Karlene Clark

6/19/2016— “New Wine vs. Old Wind Skin” —Matthew 9:14-17—Catricia Mayhue

6/12/2016— “The Unfairness of Mercy” —Matthew 20:1-16—Rev. Josh Clark

6/5/2016— “Space for Grace” —Luke 6:1-11—Rev. Josh Clark