Celebrating Community at Wesley

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Welcome to  our year to Celebrate Community! As humans, we are made for relationship and meaningful connection, both with God, and with others. Communities that thrive recognize that we need one another, that our personal well-being is wrapped up in the well-being of our larger community. We all do better when we are connected in meaningful ways, when we are known and know-able, and belong to something greater than ourselves.

Celebrate Community is the second part of Wesley’s mission, and the overriding focus of the coming year of ministry at Wesley. While we continue to Seek God and Serve the World, we will especially be looking for ways to Celebrate Community by deepening our connections to one another, to our neighbors here in Cal Young, and beyond even to our connected global community. While the first point of our mission, “Seek God” points us back to the greatest commandment, “love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength,” the second point of our mission directs us to live into the second greatest commandment, “love your neighbor as yourself.”

We encourage you, whether you are new to Wesley, or whether you’ve attended here for a long time, to consider how you can lean into Celebrating Community in new ways in the coming year. Make new friends, get to know people whose stories you have not yet heard, and join up with one or more CC:Groups. Take some risks and open your hearts and homes to new people, expanding your circle of connection. Recognize the gift of your presence to others, and the gift of their presence to you.

We all need companions on our the journey, friends who share our load and lift us up with encouragement. We do not Seek God and Serve the World as isolated individuals – we do so as a community of faith, rooted in a community of neighbors, whose call is to love one another. We have much to celebrate. In this coming year, let us Celebrate Community with open hearts!