At Wesley United Methodist Church, we believe that nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:31). We invite you to worship, wonder, and discover God’s grace with us and to participate fully in our community of faith. Whether you are young or old, gay or straight, single or married, full or empty, who you are and where you are on life’s journey matters to us. You are welcome here to seek with us the God who seeks us all.

We have many groups and ministries here at Wesley that serve our church family, our community, and our world! We would be glad to share more about these groups with you and let you know how you can get involved!

Youth & Children

The KidMin Ministry Team works to facilitate family activities and events for those within the church and to help create a presence in the community. This ministry team provides activities that meet the needs of families in the church (relationship building, fun, family support, etc.) as well as providing opportunities for service and outreach in the community. This team does not simply work with the kids in the classroom our outside; instead, this team helps to orient programming and activities toward the advancement of our mission and vision as a church while meeting the specific needs of families in our midst. Some of this is accomplished on Wesley grounds, and some requires leaving the formal church setting to interact with people in our surrounding community. They would be problem solving, planning, communicating and executing with the group. This team helps to plan and put on different events throughout the year intended to create community and outreach to children and families within and outside of Wesley. This group also helps provide ideas about who to ask to work with children more directly in the nursery and in Sunday school. Sign up and find your place on the team! [Team Leader: Anna Eckelbarger Salas]

Youth/Preteen Ministry Team

Our team works to support the activities of the youth groups by helping with volunteer staffing, fundraising, and other needs specific to the faith formation needs of Wesley’s students. Our ministry is bustling with students and many opportunities for engagement! More team members are needed to expand the ministry and mission potential of our youth ministries. Many levels of involvement are available, based on your interests, opportunities, and skill. From chaperoning, helping with fundraisers, and leading mission trips. Sign up to help out! [Team Leader: Anna Eckelbarger Salas]  

Care & Connections Ministry Team

The purpose of the Care & Connection Ministry team is to nurture and maintain connections among and within the Wesley family, deepening our involvement in caring support and encouragement that: Welcomes newcomers and visitors, Connects with folks missing from worship to uncover unmet needs, Maintains loving connections with homebound members of the Wesley family, Supports and encourages family caregivers, Provides meals in times of recovery, life changes, Offers prayers in response to requests. Care and Connections has a several sub-teams, each offering unique ways to serve, with a variety of time, skill, and commitment levels. These sub-teams include: Wesley Connectors, Respite Care & Support, Wesley Extended Family, the Prayer Team, and Meals Support Team. Explore these teams to find a good-fit for your participation! [Team Leader = Donna McNeil]  

Coffee & Conversations Hosts Team

Our ministry team prepares and serves coffee and cookies during the coffee hour following our Sunday worship service. We arrive early before church to do the majority of set up, and leave the service a couple of minutes early to have the final preparations in place when service is dismissed. We are also responsible for clean-up of the kitchen and fellowship hall. Four hosts are needed each week, and serve on a rotating basis. Sign-up! You will be added to our rotation and offered on-the-job training.

Worship Hosts Team

Worship Hosts provide a warm welcome to attendees at the Sunday morning worship service. We arrive at 9:30 a.m. and prepare the sanctuary for guests (lights, fans, candles, etc.). We greet people at the main entrance and hand out bulletins at the entrance to the sanctuary. During the service we assist with offering collection. Following the service we pick up left-behind bulletins from pews, shut off the lights and extinguish candles. We also answer questions and guide visitors as needed. Hosts sign-up to volunteer on a rotating schedule. [Team Leader: Leslie Hartwig]  

Audio/Visual Team

The Audio/Visual Ministry Team is responsible for managing the sound system and slide presentations during our weekly worship services, as well as occasional special services (weddings, etc.). We arrive a little early on Sunday to set-up and do sound checks. Team members are trained on using the sound board, projection system, and KeyNote presentation software (Mac). Sign-up and be willing to receive some on-the-job training! [Team Leader: Linda Nelson]  

Memorial Services Coordination Team

We provide full-service support for families in planning memorial services including: scheduling, service planning details, arranging for musicians, ushers, sound technician, reception coordination, and preparation of bulletins. We provide all set-up needs on the day of the service and coordinate details with the family and the volunteer team. This team works closely with the pastor. The team is looking for a new lead coordinator and for several people to serve together. On-the-job training will be provided and detailed instructions are available. Sign up today! Contact our current team leader with questions. [Team Leader: Sheilia Watkins]  

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