Season of Lent—2016

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Lent is a tradition of fasting and repentance, as we prepare ourselves once more to walk through the story of Jesus’ suffering, death and resurrection. This year we are invited to participate in a fast (laying something down), and a practice (taking something up) each week as a way of opening ourselves to the work of Christ in us.

Week One—2/14—Practice: Simplicity / Fast: Complexity [Luke 4:1-13]

Week Two—2/21—Practice Gratitude / Fast: Negativity [Psalm 27:1-14]

Week Three—2/28—Practice: Generosity / Fast: Self-preservation [Isaiah 55:1-11]

Week Four—3/6—Practice: Acceptance / Fast: Judgment [Luke 15:1-3; 11b-32]

Week Five—3/13—Practice: Courage / Fast: Apathy [John 12:1-8 & Psalm 126:1-6]